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20th June 18
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Science Week



We began our Science Week with a visit from Science Boffin Joel.  He performed a range of exciting experiments on states of matter to the whole school and then took each year group for a short workshop.  The day was concluded with a rocket launch outside.




ZooLab visited our school today with a range of animals for the children to meet.  Year 4 completed an engineering project to design a wind powered car.  Reception went on a hunt around school for magnetic and non-magnetic items.



BAE education team came to work with Year 5 and Year 6 this morning.  Year 4 learned about surface tension in water by completing the paper-clip challenge.



Today we had a special Science assembly where each teacher announced their 'Scientist of the Week' and the winners of the 'Explore the Future' homework task were revealed.  Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 had a visit from some of the scientists from Glaxo.  They saw the 'Elephant's Toothpaste' experiment, talked about harmful bacteria on their hands and investigated the colour coatings on Smarties. 



A fun and busy day was had by all on the final day of Science Week.  Alaric Thompson from Ulverston Victoria High School came in to work with each of the Key Stage 2 classes.  Year 3 worked on forces, Year 4 built circuits and Years 5 and 6 built rockets and launched them outside.  Year 2 did some food tasting as part of their work on senses and Year 3 made cars made out of CD's.  Year 6 learned about yeast to make bread and also investigated ice cubes melting.  To finish their exciting week, Year 4 made lava lamps.